OpenHCI 2012 作品集(PDF)

OpenHCI 2012 is the 3rd workshop on HCI held in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. This workshop was initiated and organized by graduate students of National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Chengchi University. The main purposes of this workshop are opening the potential power of cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration and the preliminary knowledge of user experience engineering (UXE) and human-centered design (HCD).

More than 100 student participants join this event. Attendees are from different domains such as information engineering, industrial design, psychology, business, and administration. In this 5-day workshop, all attendees have tutorials and courses about HCI design processes and principles in 9 different topics. We also develop a series of post-lesson activities and labs for attendees to familiar these principles by practices. Through the complete training, all the attendees would experience several user-centered design iterations, collaborate with their cross-domain partners, and implement interactive prototypes for realizing their concepts.

OpenHCI 2012 Program Chairs

Day / Location
台灣科技大學 國際大樓 1F

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